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Braids Get Pizza From Creepy Boy on Atmospheric ‘Hossak’

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Best New Artist stars Braids have already shared two songs from their upcoming sophomore album, Flourish // Perish. First came the elliptical “Amends,” then the slow-to-blossom “In Kind.” Now, with the LP’s August 20 release date fast on the approach, the Montreal art-pop outfit have shared another new track, an electro-lullaby called “Hossak.” Singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston illustrates a mundane-enough scene — a boy knocking on her window, offering a slice of pizza — but the quivering snare drum and “Kid A” atmospherics lend an air of menace to the young man’s proposition. Stream the tune below, and pre-order Braids’ latest full-length through the band’s website.