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Watch Braids’ Shimmering ‘In Kind’ Video and Set Your ‘Conscience’ Free

Braids 'In Kind' Video Flourish Perish Album

Braids hail from the same Montreal DIY scene that’s gifted us Grimes, Majical Cloudz and Mac DeMarco, and the influence can be heard in the group’s singular approach to songcraft. Above you’ll find the video for “In Kind,” an eight-minute song that evolves slowly while never losing the listener’s interest. Opening with crystalline tones and choral vocals, the track is accompanied by equally ambient and autumnal imagery. As the music progresses, a live drum kit sputters in and out of the mix, hinting at a coming synchronicity. As Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s vocals go from furtive to powerful, the music also goes wide. “Left my conscience in quotations,” she sings near the end. May we suggest you hit play and do the same? We’ve previously experienced “Amends” from the forthcoming album, Flourish // Perish and visited Braids in the studio when they were crafting the thing, which is out August 20 via Arbutus.