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What So Not Get Wild-Eyed With Action Bronson on Bass-Wobbling ‘The Quack’

What So Not

Queens tough guy Action Bronson has built his reputation on his ability to proffer slightly askew New York traditionalism, the gritty novelistic details of, say, Kool G Rap bent inward and used to, say, describe a real nice plate of veal cutlets or to eloquently and ridiculously compare his physique to Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.

What is often forgotten about Bronson, though, is his impressive talent for finding the pocket in any kind of beat put in front of him. He isn’t restricted to his hometown’s sound much at all. Consider the SPIN Essential Blue Chips, where Bronson rhymed over YouTube-ripped beats by producer Party Supplies, or the duo’s more recent collaboration in which Bronson rapped over an unsteady, loop of Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain.”

It’s that wild-eyed experimental side of Bronson that’s exhibited on “Every Time You See Me (The Quack),” a “Harlem Shake”-like, dubstep-tinged wobbler from Australian production collective What So Not (playful refixer Emoh Instead and soulful electronic producer Flume) that features D. Mac and was mixed by Blood Diamonds. The single will appear on The Quack EP, due out June 25 via OWSLA label.

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