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M.I.A. Goes All-Gold-Everything for ‘Bring the Noize’ Alternate Video

M.I.A., "Bring the Noize," gold edition, video

Turns out M.I.A. was keeping something shiny from us when she shared her frenetic “Bring the Noize” video earlier this week. That clip for the MAYA mastermind’s assaultive new single showcased dancers, a glowing cow, and the artist herself with hot-pink hair, but it was also cut with weird metallic images that we couldn’t help but compare to the cover art for Watch the Throne.

Now the “Matangi Gold Edition” video goes for the gold throughout, gilding the previous visuals in blinding yellow. And suddenly, a line that previously stood out now practically jumps up and down for attention: “It’s not me and you / It’s the fuckin’ banks.” As with the Occupy movement, M.I.A.’s political provocations are often more about general opposition than a coherent platform, but give credit to her revolutionary zeal.

Also: Make fun of people who invested in gold. Maya’s upcoming album Matangi is expected later this year, and it may be her last for Interscope. It seems she’s tiring of the major label game and she’s not alone. Her former labelmates TV on the Radio peaced out the Universal Music Imprint recently as well.