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The Weeknd Didn’t Sign $200 ‘Trilogy’ Vinyl Set As Promised, a Machine Did

The Weeknd Trilogy Autographed Printed Fake Vinyl

The Weeknd’s next album is set to be dubbed Kiss Land, but that lovely locale might bear a “population: one” sign if the man born Abel Tesfaye doesn’t get out ahead of this. Northern California music blog City Sound Inertia is reporting that the limited edition autographed vinyl versions of Trilogy don’t feature the artist’s actual signature — only a machine-printed of his John Hancock incorporated into the album art.

Priced at an exorbitant $199, limited to 500 copies, and featuring the Weeknd’s three formerly free mixtapes, this release of Trilogy promises (via the official Weeknd shop) a “signed and individually hand-numbered six-vinyl record set.” But CSI’s article includes high-quality photos of the delivered product and it’s quite clear that the “signed” part was not done by hand. One commenter confirmed his set matched.

Here’s their photo of the offending autograph:

The Weeknd's "Trilogy" fake signature