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Watch Courtney Love Shill (and Swear) for Electronic Cigarettes

Hole heroine also stars in new Heidi Slimane photo series

If there’s one thing the world can count on Courtney Love for in 2013, it’s brilliantly timed curse-word drops. On occasion, the habit gets her in trouble, but one savvy electronic cigarette company has figured out how to use that power for good. In the promo clip for NJOY Kings which “look, taste, and feel like traditional [cancer sticks],” an uptight aristocratic woman sees Miss Love enjoying a puff in her parlor and prepares to tell her what for. But when she arrives, well, Courtney is ready with an intellectual riposte that’d shut the nagging mouths of a dozen stronger wits: “Relax. It’s a fuckin’ NJOY.” Cue “Celebrity Skin,” watch the old lady sneak a hit, fade-to-black. Okay, so it’s no Felicia the Goat, but it’s a better look than her Britney Spears swagger-jacking on the new Fall Out Boy album. And speaking of looks, Love has joined Marilyn Manson, Kim Gordon, and Ariel Pink for Heidi Slimane’s new Saint Laurent ad campaign, via Dazed

Make her over:

Courtney Love by Heidi Slimane for Saint Laurent