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Fall Out Boy Will ‘Save Rock and Roll’ With Help From ‘Courtney, Bitch’

Fall Out Boy Courtney Love Save Rock and Roll Bitch

It’s Fall Out Boy and Courtney, bitch. Yes, as the video above all but confirms, Courtney Love will be a guest performer on the reunited alt-pop band’s fifth album, Save Rock and Roll. And also, the former (?) Hole frontwoman has no problem swagger-jacking Britney Spears. The six-second clip features Love sassily declaring, “It’s Courtney, bitch,” over a hail of clacking drumsticks before the band shouts, “Rat-a-tat-tat!”

It’s too soon to tell whether Fall Out Boy will accomplish their titular goal with this April 15 release, but first taste “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” certainly feels promising. Plus, when Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz aren’t busy writing essays about Nickleback or being mistaken for Twilight fan fiction figureheads, they’re wrangling rock giants like Love and Elton freaking John to guest on the album.

And, of course, 2 Chainz appears in the “My Songs Know” video (below). For more on FOB, check out our gallery and report from the band’s February reunion gig in Chicago, and our explanation of the new album’s unusual cover artSave Rock and Roll is available for pre-order.