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Tyler, the Creator’s WTF Mountain Dew Commercial Stars a Grumpy Goat Named Felicia

Mountain Dew Goat Tyler the Creator Loiter Squad Odd Future

Since we first met the Odd Future gang, we knew they were destined to create a multimedia onslaught of bright ideas and dark humor. Between the tours and carnivals, television shows and photo books, real-life mysteries and occasional arrests — not to mention all of those songs and that Grammy-winning album — these guys have kept us wholly enthralled as they blaze an erratic trail through the guts of youth culture.

In other words, if you’re a soda company, the Wolf Gang are exactly the sort of people you want to have on your side (even if they made much of their collective affection for Arizona iced tea in the beginning). It also helps that OF leader Tyler, the Creator made clear his intentions to become a director from the start, and has been building up his CV through music videos that run the gamut from completely Gonzo to quite ambitious.

So while it’s not quite a surprise that Tyler, under his Wolf Haley alias, has directed a short commercial for Mountain Dew, the fact that the company clearly allowed him to maintain his singular creative vision and bizarre comedy is impressive. In the clip above, OF affiliate Errol Chatham stars opposite a Tyler creation called Felicia the Goat — a grumpy quadruped who terrorizes a waitress before doing the Dew and peacing out.

Best of all, it seems there’s more to come: