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The Weeknd’s ‘Trilogy’ Will Finally Be Available on Vinyl

the weeknd, trilogy, house of balloons, thursday, echoes of silence

The Weeknd’s three navel-gazing 2011 mixtapes — House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence — have been bundled and packaged once before, as last year’s triple-disc Trilogy collection. Now Abel Tesfaye’s sad-sex suite is coming out on vinyl, on March 26, as a limited-edition six-vinyl box set.

Pre-orders for the $199 retrospective can be placed via the Weeknd’s official online store. Each copy comes signed and individually numbered, and only 500 prints exist.

Tesfaye teased the long-awaited follow-up to Trilogy earlier this year with a screenshot of a desktop folder labeled “2013 untitled album.” According to the singer’s Twitter, the forthcoming LP’s title will be revealed shortly. For now, we’ll just have to keep hooking up with the same three records again and again.

Scroll down for the track list to Trilogy‘s CD edition.

The Weeknd’s Trilogy track list:

House of Balloons
1. “High for This”
2. “What You Need”
3. “House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls”
4. “The Morning”
5. “Wicked Games”
6. “The Party & the After Party”
7. “Coming Down”
8. “Loft Music”
9. “The Knowing”
10. “Twenty Eight”

1. “Lonely Star”
2. “Life of the Party”
3. “Thursday”
4. “The Zone (Feat. Drake)”
5. “The Birds, Pt. 1”
6. “The Birds, Pt. 2”
7. “Gone”
8. “Rolling Stone”
9. “Heaven or Las Vegas”
10. “Valerie”

Echoes of Silence
1. “D.D.”
2. “Montreal”
3. “Outside”
4. “XO / The Host”
5. “Initiation”
6. “Same Old Song (Feat. Juicy J)”
7. “The Fall”
8. “Next”
9. “Echoes of Silence”
10. “Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)”