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The Weeknd Shares Haunted ‘Wicked Games’ Video, ‘Trilogy’ Track List

The Weeknd Share 'Wicked Games' Video, 'Trilogy' Track List

The Weeknd’s enigmatic frontman Abel Tesfaye again faces the camera in the black-and-white video for his sex-seething single (aren’t they all?) “Wicked Games.” The clip is almost a sequel to the similarly shot “Rolling Stone” video, wherein a woman draped over the singer’s back mysteriously disappears by the song’s end. This time, the shot opens on a dancing, purse-lipped model type, but her shadow soon vamps away from her body, and torments Tesfaye until the track’s end. This remastered version of “Wicked Games” appears on the Weeknd’s forthcoming major label debut, Trilogy, which compiles and adds to his three free EPs of 2011.

The Weeknd’s Trilogy track list:

House of Balloons
1. “High for This”
2. “What You Need”
3. “House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls”
4. “The Morning”
5. “Wicked Games”
6. “The Party & The After Party”
7. “Coming Down”
8. “Loft Music”
9. “The Knowing”
10. “Twenty Eight”

1. “Lonely Star”
2. “Life of the Party”
3. “Thursday”
4. “The Zone (Feat. Drake)”
5. “The Birds, Pt. 1”
6. “The Birds, Pt. 2”
7. “Gone”
8. “Rolling Stone”
9. “Heaven or Las Vegas”
10. “Valerie”

Echoes of Silence
1. “D.D.”
2. “Montreal”
3. “Outside”
4. “XO / The Host”
5. “Initiation”
6. “Same Old Song (Feat. Juicy J)”
7. “The Fall”
8. “Next”
9. “Echoes of Silence”
10. “Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)”
11. “The Zone (Closed-Captioned)”