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Trent Reznor, Josh Homme, and Dave Grohl Approach Transcendence on ‘Mantra’

Sound City Trent Reznor Josh Homme Dave Grohl Mantra

In our recent Dave Grohl cover story, Mr. Grohl’s Cabinet of Wonder, the main Foo Fighter made a not-so-shocking admission: “I love to play, and fortunately, I don’t know a lot of musicians that suck. I know a bunch of really good ones and they’re always up for playing [too].” Indeed, while his buzzing documentary Sound City largely focuses on the magic that a good studio can impart, it also serves as indisputable evidence that the former Nirvana drummer has some serious sway in the music world.

While it’s impossible to ignore Grohl’s rip-roaring Paul McCartney collaboration “Cut Me Some Slack,” the film’s Real to Reel soundtrack also includes an impressive team-up with Trent Reznor (pre-yacht) and Josh Homme (pre-Queens of the Stone Age announcements). Dubbed “Mantra” (via Stereogum), the transcendent, nearly eight-minute track opens with a simple drum beat and bass, then slowly grows into a gargantuan slab of soulful rock before ending in an orchestral explosion of guitars and keys and fuzz. So yeah, safe to say these guys don’t suck at what they do.