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Feel the Vibrations (Literally!) With This Portable Sub-Bass Gear


Enjoy the feeling of low-end frequencies rumbling across your intestines but hate not being able to bring club-size speakers to work with you? SubPac has the answer. This new “portable tactile audio technology” allows listeners to carry a backrest that quietly conveys the physical impact of bass without the eardrum-shattering sonics. If Beats By Dre headphone wearers are proud to show off they overpaid for well-marketed headphones, surely there are gamers and Bassnectar fans who will happily sit on the subway geared up like soldiers of wub.

SubPac is in a Kickstarter phase now, with “early bird pricing” of $275. The device picks up on frequencies from 5Hz to 130Hz, and the manufacturer has lined up testimonials from such electronic music figures as Adrian Sherwood, Kode 9, Joker, Daedelus, John Tejada, and more. So who knows: Maybe sub-bass backrests will be the new Skrillex haircuts.

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