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‘Spring Breakers’ Star Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Her ‘Vulgar’ Musical Tastes

Vanessa Hudgens, the former Disney Channel mainstay and High School Musical kewpie, co-stars in Harmony Korine’s sensationally sordid Spring Breakers, which opens nationwide on March 22. The movie follows the stoned exploits of Hudgens’ character, Candy, and three of her college roommates as they go buck on school vacation, landing themselves in trouble with those on both sides of the law. (James Franco and Gucci Mane play a pair of very bad dudes.) Hudgens, 24, hopped on the phone with SPIN to share the soundtrack to her life.

What’s your favorite album of all time?
Probably The Beatles‘ [remix compilation] Love because I can listen to it over and over again and know I’ll never get sick of it. “Something” is my favorite track. It’s just so amazing.

When you were growing up did you parents object to anything you were listening to?
Not really because I didn’t grow up in a musical environment. I didn’t buy my first album until Britney Spears’ …Baby One More TimeThere wasn’t much music playing when I was little, so I kind of found it later.

What was the first song that you remember really resonating for you?
I’m pretty sure it was OutKast, “Ms. Jackson” and everyone in my school was singing it and I found my love for music right there.

What song do you associate with your first kiss?
None. I had my first real kiss at Magic Mountain on a park bench. Not the most romantic thing ever.

What about the song that reminds you of the first time you smoked pot?
That question is too much, way too much! I love that you asked it though!

What was the last concert you saw?
It was Flying Lotus in New York City at Terminal 5. He is so unbelievable live.

If you were going to curate a festival, whom would you put on the bill, living or dead?
The Beatles of course, they’re my favorite. Probably Björk and I’d get Thom Yorke to play with both Radiohead and Atoms for Peace. Scissor Sisters would be there too.

Who on the set of Spring Breakers had musical tastes similar to your own?
I’d say [co-star] Selena [Gomez] because like me, she’s down with hip-hop and older hippie music.

What kind of hip-hop would you guys listen to?
Gucci Mane, Selena loves Gucci. He’s like her favorite artist.

What’s music has helped you get over a break-up or a hard time?
As cliché as it is, probably Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” That’s basically my theme song.

What’s the name of a mix or playlist you have on iTunes or on your phone?
Let’s see, I’ve got “Chill Out” and I’ve got “Fuck Yeah.” That’s like Skrillex, Bassnectar, Wu-Tang — just some of my heavier music.

When do you toss “Fuck Yeah” on?
It’s for when I work out to get me going on the treadmill. I literally dance on the treadmill.

Do you have a karaoke favorite?
I don’t but in the movie it would be Khia’s “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” because it kind of defines our characters. It’s very vulgar and in your face.

Did you know that song before filming Spring Breakers?
Of course! All girls should know that song. It’s, like, the go-to dirty song!