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Watch Nine Inch Nails’ Entire NSFW Mid-’90s Self Destruct Tour Documentary

nine inch nails, self destruct tour documentary

Following recent news that Nine Inch Nails has been revived to once again perform live (albeit with a brand-new lineup), Trent Reznor has shared a relic from the industrial project’s Downward Spiral days: a 75-minute documentary chronicling NIN’s Self Destruct tour, which stretched from 1994 to 1996. The entire feature, which at one time could only be seen on 1997’s Closure VHS, can be watched up top. As per Reznor’s Tumblr post, the footage contains NSFW content, along with appearances from David Bowie and Marilyn Manson.

Reznor also shared another rarity from NIN history: an acoustic performance of “The Becoming” originally from the limited edition Still disc, a bonus companion to 2002’s live And All That Could Have Been LP. Check out that clip down below.

And all this fresh vintage NIN material follows last month’s discovery of concert footage dating back to the tour behind 1999’s The Fragile.