Hear Banks’ Badu-Channeling R&Beats Bubbler ‘Fall Over’

Banks 'Fall Over' Song Stream

Okay, so her name is Banks, but what else do we know about this new female voice of American R&Beats? In short, not a whole helluva lot. Banks is based in Los Angeles and signed to IAMSOUND, cites Fiona Apple and Lauryn Hill as influences, and taught herself piano. Beyond that, we have only the songs to speak to her story, but that’s enough for now. Her SoundCloud profile consists of just two songs, but we can glean much from her soulful vocals and the moody production that backs them. The previously released “Before I Ever Met You” is a heavy, emotive and trip-hoppy track about breaking up, while the just-out “Fall Over” takes a less mournful tact. The colorful track features an ultra-modern combination of dark electronica and bright effects, while Banks’ delivery recalls Erykah Badu’s more bewitching work. The songs are on iTunes now, and you can stream “Fall Over” here:


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