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Roseanne Barr’s Lumineers-Zinging Twitter Was the Best Grammys Coverage of 2013

Comedy legend better at our job than us

Sure, the anti-Lumineers, pro-Frank bias of SPIN’s Grammy coverage earned the ire of more than one Facebook commenter (shouts out to “Who is in charge of your FB posts? They need to be fired”). But we were as nice as a Highlights magazine crossword puzzle compared to the waterfall of venom coming from the mighty Roseanne Barr. The 1996 SPIN cover star tuned in to Music’s Most Anti-Climactic Night and let loose with a series of zings, and no one was safe — Frank Ocean, the Lumineers, Tom Morello, and even Mavis Staples all got hit with some of Barr’s legendary burnsauce. But she rode for Jack White, who we also thought was the best thing of the night. Damn, its another four years until her next presidential run, maybe she’d come work for us? We’d definitely hire her before Rosie O’Donnell. Some great music blogging below:

Via the watchful @lfitzmaurice