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Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez Together at Last in Wacky ‘Judas’ Sampling Suit

Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Rebecca F.

Jennifer Lopez’s 2011 album, Love?, didn’t get much. But its credits list a certain Stefani Germanotta. Producer RedOne would play Lopez tracks and tell her he’d worked with Lady Gaga on them, Lopez told MTV. “You know, they write and produce together a lot,” the “Jenny From the Block” singer said. “I kind of just lucked out on that one.”

Now, the Chicago Tribune reports, Gaga’s lawyers are asking a judge to keep secret parts of a courtroom transcript involving music by the two pop singers. According to the attorneys, both parties had agreed to confidentiality involving discussion of whether Gaga and Lopez both used the same unlicensed sample.

It’s all part of a 2011 lawsuit filed by Chicago singer Rebecca Francescatti, who performs as Rebecca F. In the original complaint, Rebecca F. claimed “Judas,” an abysmal low point from Gaga’s otherwise-solid Born This Way, steals from her own 1999 song “Juda” (hear a snippet below). Rebecca F. charges Gaga with stealing her music despite the fact Rebecca F.’s real name isn’t, uh, Madonna.

Rebecca F.’s lawyer, Bill Niro, reportedly contended that text messages dug up during the lawsuit showed Gaga and RedOne had ripped off a sample used both in “Judas” and in Lopez’s “Invading My Mind.” Where it gets really confusing is that Rebecca F.’s lawyers say Gaga somehow covered up her theft by asking Lopez for a producer credit on Love? track “Invading My Mind.” We don’t have our copy of the album handy, but neither nor list Gaga as a producer on that track; she’s credited for another one, “Hypnotico.”

That title sums up about how you might be feeling right now, but don’t worry! Rebecca F.’s attorneys reportedly said that while they don’t want the discussions kept secret, it’s not worth fighting the move. Jeez, law is boring, huh? Now back to the music…