EDM Reality Show Is (Probably) ‘Jersey Shore’ Casting Director’s Latest Disaster

Pauly D / Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Reality television has already produced its first celebrity DJ in the form of Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D; it seems only fair, then, that non-celebrity DJs now have a shot at becoming honest-to-goodness reality stars in their own right. As reported by Mixmag, Popular Productions’ Doron Ofir Casting has initiated an online casting call for what it bills as “the first electronic dance music reality/competition show.”

The casting call offers no details on the nature of the as-yet untitled show, which is referred to only as “Superstar DJ (working title) (the ‘project’).” But based on the questionnaire, it looks like the producers are looking for applicants with at least a modicum of experience, and a biographical backstory that would make for good television. One question asks, “Would you consider yourself a ‘technical expert’ or ‘creative performer’? Justify your choice!” Another queries, “What obstacles have you had to overcome to pursue your dream of becoming a DJ?”

But DJs who are hoping for a Project Runway-style emphasis on craft may want to think twice about applying. Casting director Doron Ofir’s credits include Jersey Shore, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, and Paris Hilton’s My New B.F.F., among other crown jewels in the televisual patrimony, and he makes no bones about his role in reality TV’s race to the bottom. “We are pioneers of an ugly age,” Ofir told BlackBook Magazine in 2010. “When people come in they have complete misconceptions about themselves. We do our thing, getting them to reveal themselves in the worst way.”

In fact, the “Appearance Release” appended to the casting application cautions exactly that, albeit in slightly denser legalese: “I acknowledge that such use [of my image, etc.] may be expose me, my family, and/or others to public ridicule or embarrassment, and may contain information, statements, or representations relating to me of a personal, private, disparaging, embarrassing and/or unfavorable nature, all of which may be summarized, edited, or modified in a manner that may be misleading or untrue.”

DJs undaunted by that prospect can apply at www.edmcasting.com and are encouraged to use the hashtag “#EDMCASTING.” Because #YOLO, right?


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