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Sample Sweet Valley’s ‘Jenova’ Christmastime Beat Tape With Appropriately Festive Teaser

Wavves Sweet Valley Killer Mike Jenova Beat Tape

Shortly before he shared the new Wavves song, “Sail to the Sun,” Nathan Williams let Facebook know his Sweet Valley project has got a fresh full-length coming as well. Now, thanks to the teaser trailer above, we know that the third installment in his and brother Kynan’s instrumental rap project will be called Jenova, due out via Fool’s Gold Records on Christmas day. And thanks to Williams’ reps, we also know that “Sweet Valley’s most smoked-out beat tape yet” will include appearances by honorary S.S. Coachella skipper Killer Mike and SPIN Best New Artist for October, Bay Area rapper DaVinci.

For those keeping count, the Williams brothers’ August debut Stay Calm offered a surprising, mindful take on hip-hop production, while their September freebie Eternal Champ folded in Zelda samples to create something as imbued with dreamy nostalgia as powered by trappy drum work. This, of course, comes hot on the heels of the honest-to-goodness Wavves and Big Boi collab on Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors and the revelation, brought to light by Rolling Stone, that the band’s 13-track spring 2013 LP (coming to us via Mom + Pop) will incorporate more Sweet Valley-style hip-hop beats. Bang on, brah.