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Purple Pain: Foster the People Singer Kicked Out of Prince Concert

Mark Foster Prince

Foster the People singer Mark Foster felt the (indirect) wrath of Prince last night when he got booted from the Purple One’s exclusive L.A. show at the Sayers Club. TMZ’s cameras captured the musician attempting to talk his way back into the venue after he had been removed for using his cell phone. Prince, a notorious Internet hater who hired the Web Sheriff to scrub cyberspace of his songs and videos, does not permit unauthorized photography or videography at his concerts. Security alleged the “Pumped Up Kicks” singer was snapping a photo; Foster insisted he was checking a text.

To his credit, Foster wasn’t a jerk about his expulsion. After telling the bouncer he needed to get back in for myriad reasons that included an unpaid bar tab, he was kind to a photographer shooting his snafu. After a few minutes, security agreed to let him back in, sans his phone. “I’m a musician, I understand… I won’t do it again,” he said. He later told TMZ’s crew, all was cool: “Prince doesn’t play in front of 100 people every night.” Besides, being busted for cell-phone usage is a lot less embarrassing than being ordered to leave the stage by the Artist, himself (Kim Kardashian, we are looking in your direction).