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‘Who’s Bono?’: Neil Young’s Funniest Twitter Q&A Responses

neil young twitter responses

Neil Young showed off his droll sense of humor during a Q&A on Twitter yesterday (October 24), using the #LegendsOnTwitter event to once again poke fun at Bono.

Responding to a question from his handle @neilyoung, the Crazy Horse leader named Foster the People, who played his Bridge School Benefit this year, as one of the good young bands working today. This prompted another user to point out, “btw, bono said he likes them, too… it is surprising two super stars like them…”

Without missing a virtual beat, Young replied: “who is Bono?”

The Godfather of Grunge previously took the U2 frontman to task in his recently released memoir, Waging Heavy Peace. In the book, Young recounted the “long-winded oratory” Bono delivered when he presented Frank Sinatra with a Lifetime Achievement award at the 1994 Grammys. All in good fun!

The Twitter event proved there are no such things as stupid questions, just stupid people on Twitter. See the singer/songwriter’s funniest social media bon mots below.

1. Is a Neil Young-Axl Rose album collaboration is in the works? (Of course it isn’t.)


2. How are you preparing for the Mayan apocalypse that isn’t happening in December?


3. Who will win the World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants this year?


4. Where do babies come from?


5. What does it mean to have fans spanning multiple generations?