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‘SNL’ Asks for Help Picking Musical Guests

Karmin / Photo via NBC

Ever watch Saturday Night Live — say, that time Karmin was on — and think, “I could come up with a list of, literally, a thousand better bands in, like, five minutes”? Well, now’s your chance! SNL is crowd-sourcing for hosts and musical guests. According to a post on the show’s Backstage Blog, staffers will devote one day out of every month to sift through fan suggestions that come through social media.

“Once a month we’ll chose a day and open the floor to your suggestions on Facebook and Twitter,” the post details, minting a couple of fresh hashtags — #SNLHost or #SNLMusic — in the process. “Please, stick to the designated days. It will make your suggestions so much easier to track and keep our feeds open on ‘non-suggestion’ days to other interactions with all you wonderful people. Thanks!”

We wish them luck with that last part. Not so much with the designated days (although really, this is Pandora’s Box gaping wide), but with the “wonderful people” part. How long is it going to take the trolls to overload SNL with requests for Antoine Dodson, a little girl who does acoustic covers of Insane Clown Posse or, you know, the Nyan cat. Perhaps we’ll see an entire 2013 season hosted by Pitbull!