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Zingy Stardust: David Bowie Makes Joke

Davie Bowie can't stop laughing! / Photo by Getty Images

Since Davie Bowie isn’t making music these days, the Thin White Duke spends a lot of time denying he is doing things like making music. His most recent denial, however, involves killing off rumors he’s curating an exhibition related to his work. The statement, posted on his Facebook (via DigitalSpy) is not humorless, though. In fact, after getting out the requisite info, he makes a funny!

“Contrary to recently published reports relating to the announcement by the V&A of an upcoming David Bowie Exhibition, I am not a co-curator and did not participate in any decisions relating to the exhibition. The David Bowie Archive gave unprecedented access to the V&A and museum’s curators have made all curatorial and design choices,” the statement reads. “A close friend of mine tells me that I am neither ‘devastated,’ ‘heartbroken’ nor ‘uncontrollably furious’ by this news item.”

If only he’d taken the opportunity to comment on “Slash Remembers Finding His Mom Naked With David Bowie.”