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‘Skrillex Machine’ Turns Web-Surfing Into Endless Bass Drop

Skrillex / Photo by Getty Images

We have seen the future of the Internet, and it is a noisy caricature of North American dubstep. Alt-friendly Canadian TV station has launched a new website called the Skrillex Machine, as Rolling Stone points out. Something like a perpetual motion machine, except instead of motion it produces bass, this Skrill-themed site turns whatever web page you visit — ours, say — into a blaring interzone where the wub is constant and the asymmetrically haired one is standing there glaring at you from behind impenetrable shades. Do you think he’s still angry about that time we showcased the Skrillex remix of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”?

Try out the Skrillex Machine here and impress your friends.

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