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Listen to METZ’s ‘Headache’ While Reading Bad Nirvana and Mets Jokes

Metz / Photo by Robby Reis

We could say that the characteristically propulsive leadoff track from this Toronto trio’s debut album is a great way to meet the METZ. Or we could say that the song’s throwback proto-grunge vibe is amazin’. But that would be awful. So, better to say that if anyone’s going to put out a record that so faithfully channels the fitful energy and heavy, but tuneful, sludge of Bleach, it may as well be the label that actually brought us Bleach. From the opening thunderclap drums to the “Get away!” refrain that actually recalls (fondly!) lesser Nirvanabes the Vines, it’s Gooden ’nuff for us. Seaver yourself below! All Wright?