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El-P Slams CNN for Tacking Ads to Batman Shootings News

"And I like Nikes. But fuck y'all. Ah, fuck it all."

Never one to stay quiet when there’s something to get riled up about, El-P hit Twitter over the weekend to voice his discontent with CNN. It seems the indie rap forefather and Killer Mike producer was attempting to watch a news clip about the Aurora, Colorado theater shootings when he was interrupted by a Nike ad.

“If I’m trying to watch a news clip about human tragedy and there’s some plucky, annoying ad before it, it makes me hate that product,” he wrote in his initial tweet before issuing several more, cobbled together (and properly punctuated) here. “But hey, that’s just me, I guess. I’m looking at you, @CNN. At Least be semi-civilized and give us the option os skipping the ad, you whores. I can just hear the convo between the guy who sells the ad space and the companies now: ‘This is a hot one! 12 confirmed dead! Get on it!’

“How are you providing ‘breaking news’ if I gotta sit through a 30-second Nike commercial before hearing it? And I like Nikes. But fuck y’all. Ah, fuck it all.” He then apparently reloaded the video (or proceeded to the next one) until he ran into the issue again, snapping and sharing a screenshot of a media player that reads: “‘Police Chief: Make No Mistake, Booby Traps Intended to Kill’ will play after the ad.”

Funny that after all of El’s dystopic fantasies and on-album paranoia — his darkly dense new LP Cancer for Cure is arguably the aural kin to Chris Nolan’s vision of Gotham — it’s the little mundane details that can really get under his skin.

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