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Matt and Kim Return With Ballin’ ‘Let’s Go’ Video

A still from "Let's Go"

Matt and Kim’s grinning indie-pop has always had a motivational, pep-rally quality to it. In the first video from Lightning, the Brooklyn couple’s fourth album (due out this fall), they cleverly make that athletic connection explicit. “Let’s Go” is more of the pair’s energetic, synth-laced, hook-packed optimists’ pop, and its new clip shows Matt and Kim reclining on the bleachers while basketball lifer Pat the Roc, who bills himself as “the world’s greatest ball handler,” demonstrates just why he can make that claim. “Say what you wanna say / You’ll make it mean everything,” Matt enthuses. Pat puts on a clinic. If Matt and Kim’s career is anything like one of those melodramatic sports movies, this might be the season these scrappy upstarts play their way to the finals.

Watch the video here, and download “Let’s Go” via iTunes.