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Girls (the Band) Were on ‘Girls’ (the Show) Despite Tweet Beef

Girls / Photo by Sandy Kim

The Girls fight is over! Or, at least, Girls frontman Christopher Owens appears to have set aside his grudge against the HBO show to license a cut from his Father, Son, Holy Ghost to the buzzed about series that shares his band’s name, just months after directing a Twitter tirade at its makers for copping the moniker.

Despite vowing their music wouldn’t appear on the show’s soundtrack (the exact Tweet: “I wonder what other indie bands’ music they’ll be playing on their show, not ours.”) the San Francisco pop-rock act’s plucky love song “Magic” was featured in last night’s episode “She Did” during a surprise wedding scene as the mystery bride and groom emerged. (We won’t spoil the bizarre twist.) The track wasn’t just ambient background noise; a bumbling officiant called attention to it when he awkwardly instructed the off-screen soundperson to cue up the music.

In April, days after the show (which, in case you’ve been without Internet for the last three months, chronicles the lives of four New York twentysomethings struggling through bad jobs and worse sex) first aired, Owens vented on Twitter that creator/star Lena Dunham and Co. disrespected the band by co-opting their name. “Do you think that TV show even thought twice before using our band’s name for their show? I’ll be they were just like, ‘fuck it, fuck them,'” he wrote, arguably overlooking the fact that the name also describes roughly half the world’s population.

He also indicated that he went as far as contacting the premium cable channel over the issue, tweeting “It’s a bit sucky to be informed by a giant company like HBO that you don’t matter enough culturally to not have your name taken away or used.”

The band couldn’t immediately be reached for comment, but we’re glad the feud has fizzled. Not only did the song’s breezy jangle and mushy lyrics help lift the scene’s uncomfortable mood, but, you know, it’s also nice when girls get along.

UPDATE: “On allowing Girls to be on Girls; In life we have to choose to get angry or see the good and be positive,” Owens tweeted. “This is an effort to do that…”