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Blood Orange Gives TED Talk About Hearing Colors

It might sound like stoner ramblings, but Dev Hynes can, like, hear colors, man.The musician and producer better known as Blood Orange gave a TED…
Alyssa Noel / March 22, 2014

Speedy Ortiz Declare War on Boring Old Guitar Solos (and Hairspray)

Who: In 2011, Sadie Dupuis packed up and left her native New York — as well as the Brooklyn grunge trio she fronted, Quilty — for…
Alyssa Noel / February 18, 2014

NSFW? Bat for Lashes on ‘Intense Struggle’ Behind ‘The Haunted Man’

There was a time, not that long ago, when Natasha Khan would have rather been dealing with crust and filling than laboring over the third…
Alyssa Noel / October 3, 2012

How Stars Learned to Set Themselves on Fire Again

New album be damned, Amy Millan wanted to enjoy her summer.
Alyssa Noel / September 7, 2012

The Exhibitionist: Artist Dawn Kasper Is a Piece of Work

L.A. artist Dawn Kasper has cultivated a reputation for bold, bizarre, and sometimes painful performance art — from branding the words love and truth into…
Alyssa Noel / June 26, 2012

Girls (the Band) Were on ‘Girls’ (the Show) Despite Tweet Beef

The Girls fight is over! Or, at least, Girls frontman Christopher Owens appears to have set aside his grudge against the HBO show to license…
Alyssa Noel / June 18, 2012

Festival Tragedies: Why Did They Happen?

With economies around the world struggling in recent years, the live-concert business inevitably has declined and adjusted. As a result, music festivals have proliferated, allowing…
Alyssa Noel / June 13, 2012

To the Moon and Beyond: Spencer Krug’s Giant Leap

"I sound like a real dick right now," says Spencer Krug. The avant-rock whirlwind is smoking a pre-show cigarette and chatting on the phone from…
Alyssa Noel / June 13, 2012

The Raveonettes Celebrate 10th Anniversary With New LP ‘Observator’

Even after crafting five studio albums of beguiling cotton candy melodies and teeth-rattling distortion, Raveonettes guitarist-songwriter Sune Rose Wagner, who along with singer-bassist Sharin Foo…
Alyssa Noel / June 13, 2012

Burning Down the Loft: Inside Montreal’s DIY Scene

Even before she became quirky electro-pop live wire Grimes, Claire Boucher found it impossible to smoke and brood alone on her balcony in Montreal's Mile…
Alyssa Noel / June 12, 2012

Tanlines: Electro-Pop Wise Guys Wink at Life’s Bummers

Who: Veteran Brooklyn musicians Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm were between projects (Professor Murder and Don Caballero, respectively) in 2008 when they posted a one-off…
Alyssa Noel / June 6, 2012

Hear volcano!’s Full Kaleidoscopic ‘Pinata’

For the first installment of their tongue-in-cheek YouTube video series debuting new songs from their third album, Piñata, out June 12 via the Leaf Label,…
Alyssa Noel / June 4, 2012

Puma Wants Your Headphones to Match Your Kicks

PUMA has long been known for its sporty sneakers, but now the lifestyle company has partnered with Apple to create a line of gym-friendly headphones.
Alyssa Noel / May 31, 2012

Hear Magic Trick’s Heavy ‘Invisible at Midnight’: Behind the Fresh & Onlys Side Project

In an attempt to lighten the weighty mood on Magic Tricks' forthcoming Ruler of the Night, the avant-folk crew's frontman, Tim Cohen, turned to a…
Alyssa Noel / May 31, 2012

Hear Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter-Assisted ‘Want It Back’

On Tuesday morning, Amanda Palmer sent out a celebratory tweet of a photo with the words "One Fucking Million" painted on her bare chest and…
Alyssa Noel / May 30, 2012

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