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Lil Wayne Gets Called Out for Skipping ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

“Our next guest is one of the most popular rappers in the world,” Jimmy Kimmell announced last night on his ABC show. And then he welcomed to the stage a purple-shirted audience member wearing another audience member’s baseball cap and, of course, a dreadlock wig. Lil Wayne, Kimmell informed audience members a few moments earlier, hadn’t shown up for his interview.

Good thing the fake Lil Wayne was game for a lively conversation of his own. Turns out Weezy was actually in prison for speeding, hails originally from New York, and is a huge, huge fan of hockey. “How often do you wash your hair?” Kimmel asks. “Did Justin [Bieber] visit you in prison?” Watch the non-interview below, while hoping real Weezy is safe out there, and that false Weezy gets some kind of acting bit part out of this. Nice to meet you, Carl!

Wayne, although sadly not his stand-in, did somehow manage to show up to the shoot for Robin Thicke’s “Pretty Lil’ Heart” video, directed by pop mainstay Marc Klasfeld (via Rap-Up). From Thicke’s late-2011 fifth album Love After War, the unsurprisingly smooth loverman ballad gets a video treatment that recalls vintage Hollywood fare like A Streetcar Named Desire, right down to the Bruno Mars-slick hair and Marlon Brando wifebeater. Fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer, right?

Thicke’s smoky croon over acoustic strums and horn fanfares is as expert as ever, with enough charm to get over the time-tested (all the more so given the vintage Hollywood imagery) material. Also: there’s one of those drumming monkeys toys! Weezy’s endearing soft spot for pillowy slow jams is well-documented, and his latest verse on a Thicke track comes right at the top, showing us how to love: candles, commitment, Rocky sexual metaphors. Hey, what about a man’s unbreakable commitment to late-night TV show hosts?