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Watch a Mom Make Funny Faces in Girls’ ‘My Ma’ Video

Third video selection from 'Father, Son, Holy Ghost' comes out on vinyl on May 22

Christopher Owens’ mother must not have told him that if you keep making that face it’ll stay that way. The video for Girls’ gently rocking “My Ma,” the third video selection from last year’s codependence-inducing Father, Son, Holy Ghost, follows a woman who looks like she could be the the Girls singer-songwriter’s mother as she pores through old scrapbooks, walks past an article about Girls, and makes a whole bunch of funny faces. “Oh God, I’m tired, and my heart is broken,” Owens sings, over immaculately arranged Abbey Road-style rock’n’roll punctuated with a gospel-tinged backing vocal. The video premiered via Team Coco, on account of Girls playing Conan on March 22, and “My Ma” will drop as a limited edition 7″ single two months later. Here’s hoping they bring that cute puppy dog along to Conan.

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