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Hear MGMT’s Trippy Bauhaus Cover


MGMT have covered goth icons Bauhaus for the psychedelic rockers’ entry in the LateNightTales compilation series. Hear the East Coast band’s spaced-out take on The Sky’s Gone Out slow-burner “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” below (via Pitchfork).

This one’s for the fans who preferred MGMT’s zonked-out sophomore album, Congratulations, to synth-toting 2008 breakthrough Oracular Spectacular. Bauhaus’ 1982 original already had plenty of neo-hippie tendencies, whatever the band’s spooky image — airy acoustic plucks, impressionistic lyrics, anti-industrial theme –and MGMT go even more warped and pastoral with their trippy, effects-heavy take.

LateNightTales is a U.K. compilation series that asks artists to curate their own mixes. Previous contributors have included the Flaming Lips, Belle & Sebastian, Air, Four Tet, and Snow Patrol. MGMT’s installment, which features tracks from the likes of the Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3, and Suicide, is available for streaming here; check out the tracklist below.

MGMT’s LateNightTales tracklist,
1. Disco Inferno, “Can’t See Through It”
2. The Great Society, “Love You Girl”
3. Suicide, “Cheree”
4. Television Personalities, “Stop and Smell the Roses”
5. The Velvet Underground, “Ocean”
6. Felt, “Red Indians”
7. Julian Cope, “Laughing Boy”
8. Durutti Column, “For Belgium Friends”
9. Charlie Feathers, “Mound of Clay”
10. Mark Fry, “For Wilde”
11. MGMT, “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” (Bauhaus Cover)
12. Cheval Sombre, “Troubled Mind”
13. Dave Bixby, “Drug Song”
14. The Jacobites, “Hearts Are Like Flowers”
15. The Chills, “Pink Frost”
16. Martin Rev, “Sparks”
17 The Wake, “Melancholy Man”
18. Spacemen 3, “Lord Can You Hear Me?”
19. Pauline Anna Strom, “Morning Splendor”
20. Paul Morley, “Lost for Words Part 2”