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PREMIERE: Bayside Visit Their Hometown Haunts


Queens punks Bayside have made one of their best albums with this year’s heavy, taut, back-to-basics Killing Time, produced by rock’n’roll wizard Gil Norton (Pixies, Jimmy Eat World). That mentality is mirrored in the new video for “Sick Sick Sick,” premiering here.

Filmed in Long Island and Queens, the clip — shot in black and white, a first for Bayside — finds the band hanging in familiar locations, like the World’s Fair site and their favorite hometown bar. “We wanted to hang around places that symbolized where we were from,” bassist Nick Ghanbarian tells SPIN. “Since we filmed so close to home, it was easy to have all of our friends come and hang out, and naturally I had to bring my two dogs so they could wind up in the video.”

There’s also some footage of drummer Chris Guglielmo skateboarding, something that gives Ghanbarian a bit of anxiety. “One bad injury and we would have to cancel shows,” he says. “We can’t have that happen.”

Bayside are currently on tour with Silverstein, Polar Bear Club, Texas in July, and the Swellers. See their full schedule.

WATCH: Bayside, “Sick Sick Sick”