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WATCH: Adele Explains Her New Album!


Double Grammy-winner Adele will return on February 22 with her second album, 21, produced by Rick Rubin. It’s full of lush R&B ballads about love and the collapse of a relationship — and here the 22-year-old Brit crooner tells the emotional story behind each track. Watch below!

Adele openly dishes about the inspiration behind all 11 songs, including the album’s first single, the seductive soul-pop swell “Rolling In the Deep.” “It’s my reaction to being told my life was going be boring and lonely and rubbish, and that I was a weak person if I didn’t stay in a relationship,” she says. “I wrote it as a sort of ‘Fuck you.'”

Another song, “Don’t You Remember,” finds Adele wistful about a former flame. “It’s about how my skin would tingle any time he ever touched me,” she says. “I’d wait by my phone going crazy ’cause he didn’t text me back in 10 minutes. It’s just like, ‘I bet he doesn’t remember why he loved me.'”

Watch Adele explain all the songs on 21 below. What do you think about her new album? Tell us in the comment section!

WATCH: Adele explains 21