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WATCH: Coldplay’s Christmas Video


Surprise! Turns out Christmas isn’t just for Americans, like good ol’ Sin City rockers the Killers. Brit balladeers Coldplay just released the video for their holiday song, “Christmas Lights,” and the boys across the Atlantic have plenty yuletide cheer to spread, too. Watch below!

In the clip, frontman Chris Martin and his crew perform their piano ballad in a small theatre with help from a three-piece string section dressed up as Elvises. It’s almost like a little Christmas play, starring Coldplay. There’s stage props, a velvet curtain, and a big finish: fireworks exploding over London, balloons flying, and Martin crooning over a big crescendo: “Those Christmas lights keep shining on!!!” Scrooge he is not.

Watch Coldplay’s “Christmas Lights” video below, then sound off in the comment section.

WATCH: Coldplay, “Christmas Lights”