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New Beady Eye Video: Liam Disses Noel!

With "Four Letter Word," the Gallagher Brothers' feud continues in a charging Britpop jam.

Will the Gallagher brothers’ feud ever end? Let’s hope not.

In the latest release from his post-Oasis band Beady Eye, off the band’s debut full-length, Different Gear, Still Speeding (out in February), Liam continues his ceaseless war of words with brother Noel, again, this time riffing on the lyrics to Oasis’ 1994 breakthrough hit, “Live Forever,” which was penned by Noel: “Nothing ever lasts forever,” Liam snarls in the new track, aptly-titled “Four Letter Word.” Watch the video below!

And it gets nastier: “You’ve had enough / Staring out of dead end eyes / I don’t know what it is I’m feeling / A four letter word really gets my meaning,” Liam sings. And the sonic sucker punch sounds good — seductive strings swell with a muscular and, at times, psychedelic Britpop sound.

But one thing is for sure: You can take Liam out of Oasis, but you can’t take Oasis out of Liam: In the clip, he stands stoic at the mic, sings coolly but tough in his nasal Manchurian drawl, and dons the unnecessary sunglasses that have long been part of his Britpop uniform.

And while Noel’s presently laying low with his family, with some talk of a solo album in the not-too-distant future, we hope he’ll retort soon, and help this sibling rivalry live forever.

Watch the “Four Letter Word” video below, then tell us what you think in the comment section.

WATCH: Beady Eye, “Four Letter Word”