WATCH: Arcade Fire Live at Madison Square Garden


Thursday night in Manhattan, newly minted arena-rocking heroes Arcade Fire proved themselves up to the task of headlining Madison Square Garden for the second time in two nights. (Read our review of the first show here.)

The band has posted clips from the YouTube livestream of the concert, directed by Terry Gilliam, on their Vevo channel.

In addition to a backstage Q&A with the band moderated by Gilliam, video of complete performances of “Ready to Start,” “The Suburbs,” and “Rococo,” all from their latest, The Suburbs, are available for viewing — plus “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)”/”Rebellion (Lies)” from Funeral. To these ears and eyes, “Ready to Start” is the strongest of the three — it’s not like being there, but it’s close. Check out all three clips below.

“Ready to Start”>

“The Suburbs”


“Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)”/”Rebellion (Lies)”


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