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WATCH: Pearl Jam Play Rare Cover with Ben Bridwell!


After Eddie Vedder hopped on stage last week with Band of Horses to help cover Ron Wood’s “Act Together,” BOH singer Ben Bridwell returned the favor Friday in New York City, joining Pearl Jam to romp through Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike.”Check out the video below!

The 1991 album version of “Hunger Strike” featured a vocal duet between Vedder and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, so Friday night Bridwell took over Cornell’s part as crowd freaked out — it’s a relative rarity in Pearl Jam’s live repertoire. As the performance ended, a beaming Bridwell gushed: “Pearl Jam’s the best band!”

Up next for BOH will be the Sasquatch festival in Washington State this weekend and two UK opening slots for Snow Patrol in June.Pearl Jam will be taking their tour overseas — dates can be found here.