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Watch: Interpol’s Paul Banks, Metric’s Emily Haines Go Crazy!


Julian Plenti is actually Interpol frontman Paul Banks (who released his solid first solo album, Julian Plenti Is… Skyscraper, on Tuesday), but in this new video for Skyscraper track “Games for Days,” he’s also a criminal with a penchant for destruction and the mystified occupant of a suddenly-trashed motel room.

While the latter Plenti character is out of his room, the former — accompanied by Metric’s Emily Haines — sneaks in and causes mayhem. The partners in crime light up cigarettes, spray-paint the walls, destroy pillows, and take pictures of Haines handcuffed to a chair and writhing on the floor, which they leave behind for the occupant to puzzle over. Why? Because they can!

Check out the video, directed by Javier Aguilera, below!