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New Song: Morrissey and Chrissie Hynde


Morrissey and the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde collaborating? Really, could the result be anything but awesome?

Absolutely not.

With a Smiths-like guitar and drum shamble, Hynde on backing vocals, and Moz sneering about a drunken friend’s loser life, it’s a mystery to us why “Shame Is the Name” isn’t included on his upcoming record, Years of Refusal (out next Tuesday). But, luckily, it is available as the B-side to Refusal‘s first single, “Throwing My Arms Around Paris,” out now.

Listen: “Shame Is the Name”

And if Morrissey sounds a little miserable (you’re surprised?), get a load of the shit-talking the Pope of Mope’s been doing lately:

On the state of modern music: “I think everyone is quite boring. I can’t see any voices who are taking the plunge and risking anything. They’re padding down the plank and everyone’s just lining up and accepting awards. It’s very, very difficult for me and very distressing. I can’t see anyone who’s very individualistic.” [Via]

On his critics: “I don’t mind if it’s valid criticism, but it never is. It’s always absolutely stupid. Whenever there’s a review of an album that I’ve made, they don’t ever review the album, or the songs or the musicianship. They just review me. I’m criticized so often, but I’m criticized by the same people year after year. I wonder why they don’t just wrap up and go away, but they don’t. It seems to me there’s something enjoyable about somebody who you constantly criticize. Perhaps you can’t stand them but you enjoy criticizing them.” [Via XFM]

On fans who want a Smiths reunion: “People always ask me about reunions and I can’t imagine why. It baffles me. The past seems like a distant place and I’m pleased with that.” [Via Yahoo Music UK]

Jeez, lighten up, Morrissey.