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Metallica to Tour Through 2010


Despite an already heavy touring regiment, drummer Lars Ulrich has said Metallica will be staying on the road behind their latest album, Death Magnetic, through 2010 — and that the quartet hope to stop into a few new locations along the way.

“Right now we’re sort of laying out fall of ’09 and the spring of ’10. We’re waiting for a few other countries to be actually formalized as nations so we can be the first band in,” he told “We’re also waiting for the polar caps to stabilize so we can go play there. There’s talk about some other planets too.”

But while global politics and interstellar travel logistics might make the touring itinerary a little uncertain, Ulrich promises U.S. fans they can count on the following: a setlist stacked with ’80s classics like “Master of Puppets” and “One,” new songs from Death Magnetic, and even a “reach for the car keys” cue: “We’ve probably ended our last 200 shows with ‘Seek and Destroy’,” he says. “Having a bit of predictability at the end gives people the chance to start thinking about putting their coats on and remembering what fucking parking lot they were in.”