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Lil Wayne: Buy ‘Tha Carter III,’ Again!


Here’s a riddle: What looks like Tha Carter III, is called Tha Carter III, is by the same guy who put out Tha Carter III, but isn’t technically the first Tha Carter III? Duh, it’s Tha Carter III!

Lil Wayne explained his upcoming release to, and revealed a few juicy details — including the name of a new collaborator! “I don’t know if we’re gonna release Tha Carter IV now,” he said. “I think we’re gonna release Tha Carter III — a new Carter III with none of the same songs, though. None of them. Not one! We don’t wanna call the [next album] we got coming out Tha Carter IV. That was the dilemma we were in. Some people are not gonna like this. I don’t want them to not like Tha Carter IV. But I do have an album coming soon, very soon, and it’s gonna be called … Tha Carter III: The Rebirth. The birth of a new beginning.”

The album will include a duet with Ludacris called “Eat You Alive” that got scrapped the first time around.

We get his reasoning: If you’re worried about people liking the new album, why not name it something they already like? But given Lil Wayne’s revolutionary approach to counting, we’re starting to wonder about his first son, Dwayne Carter III, who was born today in Cincinnati, OH. Could this be a case of “The First Child: The Rebirth”? We’ll continue to monitor the story.