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Get Ready for the Holidays: Indie-Music Style


Besides looking a little like Charlie Brown, Tim Fite has something else in common with the pumpkin’-headed cartoon character. Namely, an affinity for Halloween. And come October 31, Mr. Fite will treat fans with ding dong Ditch, an exclusive new EP available for free via Fite’s website.

The album, which follows last year’s holiday special It’s Only Ketchup, is inspired by the “less savory rituals of Hallows eve.” says Fite. And like its predecessor, ding dong Ditch will be available for 24-hours only on Halloween day. Now how much do you want to bet that Fite’s mom subscribed to the “eat as much as you can in one night and throw the rest out” as opposed to the “pick one piece of candy per day” school of parenting?

For those concerned about a post-Halloween musical sugar crash, fear not: The costumed-round-the-clock crew known as the Flaming Lips have us covered for Christmas. The band recently unveiled “Space Bible with Volume Lumps,” the penultimate track from the forthcoming soundtrack (out on November 11) to their zany holiday film spectacular Christmas in Mars (listen at

And if that’s not enough, Antony & the Johnsons frontman Antony Hegarty will also get in on the yuletide action with vocalist Kria Brekkan, formerly of Mum, on the song “Be Good To Earth This Christmas,” due for release as a limited-edition seven-inch vinyl December 8. [via].