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Against Me! Frontman Tom Gabel’s Web Video Series


With one of the most important presidential elections in recent history just around the corner, many musicians are supporting their candidate of choice and commenting about the state of our nation. One of the loudest: Against Me! frontman-gone-solo Tom Gabel, who’s gearing up to release his new EP, Heart Burns, October 28 — that’s right, just one week before the election!

Gabel has recorded a series of performance videos from the EP and will be posting them — one per week — to his MySpace profile. Clips for “100 Years of War,” featuring Gabel’s fiery acoustic performance in a Montreal graveyard, and “Random Hearts,” shot against a black-and-white California vista, have already been posted and are not to be missed; you can watch them below.

Click here to visit Gabel’s MySpace where more video clips will be posted in the coming weeks.

“Random Hearts”

“100 Years Of War”