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The Crowd Pleasers: Death Cab for Cutie


Here’s a taste of the Death Cab for Cutie Q&A from our May issue. Get the full story on newsstands, or in SPIN Digital (free registration required).

SPIN: You’re playing the big-time sunset slot at Coachella just before Narrow Stairs comes out. Is there a different approach you take playing to a big crowd that most likely won’t have heard the new songs yet?

GIBBARD: I think we’ll have an hour; we’ll probably play three new songs. I feel like we have a responsibility to kind of make sure we’re playing material that the wealth of the audience is excited about hearing, and the more shows you play, the more you realize which songs fall into that category and which don’t.

HARMER: We’re going to do Dark Side of the Moon…but with David Gilmour.


WALLA: “We got a new record coming out in a week and a half, but we’re gonna try something a little different this time….”

GIBBARD: Roger Waters doing Dark Side of the Moon would be like Ringo performing Sgt. Pepper’s.

WALLA: I had the same thought. All the parts of that album I love most are Gilmour’s.

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