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New Video: “I Will Possess Your Heart,” Death Cab for Cutie


With the new music video for “I Will Possess Your Heart,” the first single off the Seattle-based indie stalwarts’ eighth studio album to date, Narrow Stairs (out May 13), it appears — shocker! — that Ben Gibbard (curbing side project Just Jazzin’) is suffering from the blues, and evidently, a little loved-one-displacement. As riffing bass rollicks through the track’s first four minutes, the video illustrates a lovely young lass departing New York City’s La Guardia Airport with a look of despair as she embarks on a solo, round-the-world excursion — presumably with the Gibber’s heart in tow.

Meanwhile, back in an iced-over meat-freezer of sorts, Death Cab for Cutie nestle up in the their winter scarves, caps, and coats while pounding out the tune, Gibbard hunched over the keys spouting tender diary entries, and guitarist Chris Walla finally adding six more stings to sonic equation. And as the last note rings silent, the video’s protagonist stands alone in some exotic location, Gibbard presumably bleeding his heart dry over the next lovesick ditty.

UPDATE: Watch the edited for TV, far-less-than-eight-minute version here.

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