What? With 2006’s debut full-length Passover, the Black Angels’ murky, trip-out garage-rock thrust upon the angular, dance-crazy indie scene with dark ferocity, courting the chillin’-in-my-parent’s-basement- getting-stoned-and-looking-at-colorful-posters interest of many music fans. And as the outfit return with their excellent sophomore set Directions to See a Ghost, an 11-track collection out digitally today and in record stores May 13 via Light in the Attic, which expands on the band’s layered, grooving hum, it appears it may just be yet another glorious summer nestled in mom and pops’ daylight-less cellar.

Who? Austin, TX-based psych-rockers the Black Angels, led by cap-sporting frontman Alex Maas, and featuring drummer Stephanie Bailey, multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Raines, guitarist/organist Christian Bland, multi-instrumentalist Kyle Hunt, and bassist/guitarist Nate Ryan.

Fun Fact: During the recording of the new record, the Black Angels lived in an old haunted mansion in Austin, TX and — creepy! — would continually see a girl walking the mansion at night robed in a red dress. Needless to say, the band soon left — the result, Directions to See a Ghost.

Now Hear This: “Doves”


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