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Who? Though currently embedded in Brooklyn’s asphalt terrain, the roots of Tigercitytrace back to the scenic foliage of western Massachusetts wherevocalist/guitarist Bill Gillim and bassist/keyboardist Joel Fordplanted the band’s seeds in late 2004. After relocating south,guitarist Andrew Brady and drummer Aynsley Powell replaced the duo’sdigital effects and drum machines, and soon the newfound quartet’sscrappy post-punk sonics embodied more soulful, near Yacht Rock-ianR&B vibes.

What’s the Deal? Reflecting Brooklyn’s near-ceaseless musical homage to the late ’70s, Tigercity’s addictive debut EP, Pretend Not To Love, rises above the band’s punk undertones and reaches the glitz, glamour, and neon lights of Saturday Night Fever.Gillim could become the indie rock underground’s answer to Maroon 5’sAdam Levine, channeling both Brian Ferry’s playful croon and BarryGibb’s winter-crisp falsetto. “Red Lips” modernizes the seduction ofRoxy Music with lusty bass lines and wave-crashing choruses, while “AreYou Sensation” replaces Hall & Oates as the feel-good soundtrack todo your hair to. Sure, Tigercity certainly appeals to the ladies, butit’s the perfect backdrop for a stylized gent prepping for a date withan uptown girl. Are we ready for a post-disco revolution? Popped-collaroptional.

Fun Fact: A nod to the band’s chosen eraof influence, and surely providing its members with mystical fodderaplenty, vocalist/guitarist Bill Gillim’s uncle runs a unicorn farm inNew Zealand.

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