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Prefuse 73, ‘Preparations’ (Warp)

On Guillermo Scott Herren’s latest techno/hip-hop excursion as Prefuse 73, he chops computer beats into a white-hot flurry of B-boy breaks, crashing percussive noise, and loopy folk-hop beats. Sometimes his productions coalesce into recognizable songs like the magnificent “Prog Version Slowly Crushed”; other times, as with “Aborted Hugs,” they just dissemble like a freak-out session. Past Prefuse albums were anchored by assorted MCs (MF Doom and Ghostface Killah), but with few voices to interpret his sound and fury, Preparations will leave you dizzy and wondering what it all means — which may be the point.

Now Hear This: Prefuse 73 – “The Class of 73 Bells” DOWNLOAD MP3

Now Watch This: Prefuse 73 – “The Class of 73 Bells”