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Voodoo Music Experience Ignites an ‘Artist Revolution’

In an effort to aid aspiring artists, officials for Voodoo Music Experience, New Orleans’ landmark music festival slated for Oct. 26-28, have unveiled ‘The Artist Revolution,’ a new website offering recording artists an alternative outlet to sell their music with neither censorship nor need for approvals. The groundbreaking venture, which will also showcase video and audio offerings from the nine-year-old festival’s archives, encourages artists to take their career into their own hands, allowing freedom of expression sans third party record labels or business affiliates. With no registration fees, is active now.

“The revolution is in progress already, this isn’t a novel idea,” Stephen Rehage, curator of ‘The Artist Revolution,’ said in a statement. “Prince, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Radiohead and many others have taken advantage of developing technologies to create their independence. ‘The Artist Revolution’ was designed for emerging artists and for those whose catalogs don’t have mainstream distribution. It is for the next Prince who doesn’t want to end up as a ‘symbol’ of an antiquated business model.”

To commemorate the site’s debut, will offer an exclusive digital release of songsmith Dan Dyer’s latest LP 3, which will also be rerecorded live next weekend at the southern festival and distributed via the fresh online venture. Furthermore, the new web site is now showcasing tunes from “Play Voodoo” contest winner Dirtfoot, selected from over 250 bands in Voodoo’s talent contest, and set to grace the festival stage’s Oct. 26-28.